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". . . she is the imperious, dancing focal point, her steps beating furious, intricate tattoos under a long train that she swishes, lifts and manoeuvres with marvellous dexterity and no little significance."  - Herald Scotland

"She has it all: Beauty, a stylised and flexible body, elegance, finesse, charisma, rhythmic sense that prints a way of dancing with its own identity. Rebeca Ortega's dance defines her."  - Aquí Madrid

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Saturday, 23rd March, 8.00pm
Direct from Seville!

Rebeca Ortega Flamenco:: Azahar

From the deepest roots of flamenco comes Rebeca's theatrically spun dance show, Azahar, shaped by the luminosity of alegrías, the depth of Taranto, the rhythms of tangos and bulerías, and the jondura of the farruca and soleá.


The passage of society generates changes in both the thought and consciousness of 21st-century woman. Liberation seeks to emerge from old social and personal ties.

On stage, the cantaora intermingles the lyrics, representing the voice of the bailaora's conscience: one expressing victimisation and melancholy, the other the power to overcome and show courage.


This outstanding and highly acclaimed show follows a woman's path, flourishing from the regret of the past towards an uncertain and graceful future.

Azahar is graceful, intense, and full of passion!

Rebeca Ortega (Dance) Ramón Ruiz (Guitar) Natalia Marín (Voice)

Rebeca Ortega
Rebeca has trained extensively in flamenco, classical Spanish dance, ballet, and contemporary dance in prestigious dance schools such as the Professional Conservatory of Dance, Seville, or the most recognised flamenco schools, Madrid's Amor de Dios and Seville's Flamenco Danza.

Aged 19, Rebeca began her professional career, and for four years she performed and taught flamenco in the UK while completing her university studies.

This led her to create, direct, and choreograph the group Nottingham Flamenquitas. Her wide repertoire includes combining circus, theatre, and dance instruments: bata de cola, shawl, cane, fan, and castanets.

As part of the flamenco company Teatro Flamenco La Tati, Rebeca performed in A mi forma (My Way), directed by internationally recognised flamenco dancer and choreo-grapher La Tati, at Madrid's Teatro Conde Duque in 2015.

Also notable is her work as a solo dancer in international flamenco guitarist Ricardo García's company, where she participated in four productions at the C Arts C venue as part of the 2016 and 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, all of which received prestigious reviews and awards.

In 2017 and 2018, Rebeca made her debut at Copenhagen's Himmelstorm Festival, together with the Yolanda Almodóvar Quartet, where she made a significant impact with the production Rendez-Vous - a duet with circus artist Villads Bugge Bang, performing an original piece that plays with flamenco dance, body percussion, circus, and physical theatre.

Four years ago, Rebeca undertook her first UK tour with Callejondo (Alley), and during the pandemic, her project FlamenCaravana was televised in Spain.

In 2022, Rebeca collaborated with other renowned artists, including the Spanish jazz fusion group Patáx - when she combined the dance movements of Michael Jackson with flamenco - and performed at London's Jazz Café as part of the Ramón Ruiz Ensemble.

Following her participation in 2023’s Suma Flamenca Joven at the Teatros del Canal, Rebeca premiered Raíces at the TeatroLa Fundificación in Seville. The show was the third finalist in the Young Creators in Dance Madroño Contest in Madrid.


In addition to being selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Spanish Cooperation to tour the UK, Denmark, Portugal, France, Belgium, and Norway, Rebeca has also performed in Germany, Switzerland, and most recently China, and Trinidad & Tobago with the collaboration of the Spanish Embassy.


Ramón Ruiz

Ramón is the UK’s leading flamenco guitarist. He shares his art and passion for flamenco with everyone who is curious. 


Born in Granada and trained in Seville’s renowned flamenco tablao, Los Gallos, by a generation of world-famous flamenco artists who are no longer with us, Ramón continues developing his art from London, although Andalusia will always be his home.  


As a highly sought-after flamenco guitarist, composer, recording artist, and teacher, Ramón is a regular guest on BBC Radio 3 and appears regularly at top UK venues, including the Jazz Cafe, where each time he produces something new for his audience. 


With extraordinary dexterity and musicality in both traditional and contemporary stylistic genres, Ramón recently recorded his third album of original compositions and arrangements, Calle Lunga, at Abbey Road Studios.


Calle Lunga was inspired by Ramón’s journey of nearly 40 years mastering flamenco guitar internationally. His music beautifully expresses complex emotion, mastery, and maturity in both composition and performance.


Natalia Marín

Born in Seville, Natalia's comprehensive career has seen her perform in the most important tablaos, flamenco festivals, and theatres at both national and international level, including the Flamenco Biennal with the show of the Federation of Flamenco Peñas, in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Seville, the Flamenco Festival of Tomares, Coria del Rio.


Within the tablaos, Natalia has worked at Los Gallos or Museo del baile Flamenco in Seville and regularly appears on television programmes such as La Llama Viva, El Musical, and the TVE contest, Gente de Primera. 


Natalia has shared the stage with leading flamenco artists such as José de la Tomasa, Jesús Heredia, Juan José Amador, Curro Fernández, and Esperanza Fernández, renowned musicians like Manolo Franco, Martín Revuelo, Manolo Brenes, Manuel Molina,  and Tomatito, and has sung to the dance of artists such as Javier Barón, Antonio Márquez, Alejandro Granados, Junco, Rafael de Carmen, Torombo, Marcos Vargas, Carmen Ledesma, and Lola Greco. 


Natalia has performed as a regular artist in Yoko Komat-subara's company since 1998, in acclaimed shows such as Solo Flamenco, Bodas de Sangre, Carmen, Córdoba Lejana, and Goya, in Japan, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, Madrid, Seville, Murcia, and Granada.

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